School Activities: The school has a well thought out & a planned academic calendar, which facilitates several activities that help a child in Guru Kripa Divine Grace Public School to hone the necessary skills.

The literary  & sports fiestas,thematic assemblies & participation in Olympiads & Intl. Life Skill Summits enhance the thinking skills, creative skills, leadership, decision making, effective communication.  During these days the parents are also invited to the school and are allowed to interact with any student, which boosts the confidence of our students.

While participation in programmes such as Design for Change & Daan Utsav help them build empathy & sensitivity towards community
Our students also interact, teach & participate in sporting events with the children from the surrounding villages.

The students also undertake Life Skill workshops that give them first hand knowledge about first aid, cookery etc.

Dealing with emotions can be a challenge for students across different age groups. To help them cope with it we use value based cinema through Edu Media a Bengaluru based company to address the issues that are centric to students of different age groups. Such movies are also shown to the parents to sensitise them through what her/his child might be dealing with whether it is gender biased issues or adolescence.

Also, counselling sessions are held on a regular basis both for the students & parents. All the activities are documented in our Annual School Newsletter, which, is distributed at the end of the session “free of cost.”

We also continuously interact & keep our parents informed about the activities through social media.

The school has a planned time-table to promote    visual & performing arts like dance, theatre, music.

Thematic assemblies are our key are through which we promote different Cultures. All National & Cultural festivals are celebrated enthusiastically, which inculcate an understanding & respect for each other’s religion. The National festivals fill the students with pride for the country & for our Freedom Fighters.

The school also celebrates the Audio Visual Heritage Week.

The visual & performing arts our integrated with the scholastic areas, this is done through Divine Literary Fiesta in which students enact lessons & dramas from their own syllabus.

Students also take regular workshops in different art forms like Warli, Rangoli Making, Nature Painiting etc.

To promote the art & culture our students take part in Heritage Quiz organized by the CBSE, the Bhartiya Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha is looked forward to every year.

There is effective involvement of the teachers & parents in these activities.